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    Simple question, will verizon honor the warranty on a Pre 2 if I buy the phone through HP? I ask because verizon wants $150 but HP will send me one for $10 which is the shipping cost. I don't think the Pre 3 will come to verizon first and I don't want to want until fall to get it and I'm not willing o switch to att for a phone.
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    yes. if you have a VZW phone, VZW will support it. So will Palm. If you are a good and longstanding customer, you will find VZW to be very supportive.

    This is equally true if you get a VZW phone from ebay.
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    I thought if you buy from a 3rd party such as BestBuy, Amazon etc, you would have to go back to them to get a replacement phone if your phone acts up and you would not be able to go back to VZW for a warranty replacement (HP is being fulfilled by a 3rd party also).
    Might be worth re-verifying with VZW if not the case.
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    nope. if you read the warranty... it's not from the retailer. The phone is custom made for VZW and can only be used on the VZW network. That creates a large responsibility for the carrier to be the first level of support and take good care of their VZW subscriber regardless of where they got the phone. Originally it came from VZW.
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    The carriers will honor the warranty if the device was purchased by an authorized reseller, since HP is the manufactorer of the device it's pretty evident they would be considered an authorized reseller, however if Joe Schmo on ebay sold you a device the warranty may not be honored by Verizon.
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