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    had my pre 2 for only 5 days or so. Yesterday, I attempted to send an email and it would not let me. Once I pressed send, it says "Error. Unknown."

    what's going on??? I also cannot view emails sent to me by others. It just says error loading.

    I NEED email on my phone. Can't really go without it.
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    now its resetting on me continuously. Its just a luna reset since it takes about 45 seconds, but its annoying. What's going on???
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    Try doing a partial erase or remove the email account and add it again.

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    what type of account do you have? Gmail? Yahoo? Etc? I know gmail has had some issues over the last few days. Yahoo had issues prior to that. Both unrelated to palm.

    assuming the mail service works via your PC browser so you know the service is up, then remove the email account from the phone, restart the phone and add the account back to the phone. See if that helps.
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    and create another email account with that service (they are free) and see if it behaves any differently.
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    This just happened to a business colleague--started 3 days after he got the phone. He restarted the phone and added the account again multiple times, trying both POP and IMAP and the dial spun continuously.

    Finally he called me. I had never seen anything like the speed of that spinning dial, about 3x the speed of the regular spin.

    I am really disappointed in VZW and Palm's performance on this.

    I found a meta-doctored 2.1 script in the forums here ( and doctored his VZW Pre2 w 2.1. I hope it works.
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    Ok so I tried deleting the account, a soft reset and they did not work. I just got home from work, I will try to add another account and see if that works.
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    In fact, I think I am going to doctor the device. It has been resetting on me since I first got it, but not as often as today. I think there is something fundamentally wrong. I am going to doctor it and not patch it. See how that goes. As the only patches I was using was the add MM/DD format on the top bar and the EXTREMELY USEFUL day agenda with a tap of the top bar. (I will miss that)

    Can anyone give me good instructions on how to doctor my Verizon Pre 2 to 2.1 instead of 2.0.1???? I can't seem to find some GOOD instructions that a dummy like me can understand.... lol. If it is too difficult, I will just doctor to 2.0.1
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    there is a link a few posts above for creating a meta-doctor wit 2.1
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    sorry to hear your email is wonky. Since getting my Pre2 i've enjoyed the spinner on speed, thinking they were trying to prove how much faster it was than my Pixi+ and Pre+. but email has always worked OK so can't complain.

    The phone has gone offline, into airplane mode and/or simply stopped talking to 3G quite a bit, so after my semester is over I'll have to looking into all the advice posted for 2.1.

    Good Luck Estebancam!
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    doctoring to solve an email problem seems like trying to kill a fly with a big hammer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    doctoring to solve an email problem seems like trying to kill a fly with a big hammer.
    It's not only the email. The device has been going nuts with resets. NUTS. I am trying to show it off and it just stops.... lol. Kinda embarrassing.

    Email hasn't been working only today and yesterday. Resets are crazy. Temporary freezes. Tons of battery pulls. etc.

    I went ahead and did the doctor. Hopefully the device will work. What's funny is that even with all these problems, being able to use the phone makes it pay off.

    I just wish it worked all the time. I almost feel scared to use it because it may not work all of a sudden.
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    Too bad. I think doctoring w 2.01 may wipe the hard drive.
    Saw on one of the other forums that someone thinks 2.01 has POP email bug but not IMAP.
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    the doctor did not wipe my hard drive.

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