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    Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But I definitely have Flash in my browser. This was a big surprise. Do all 2.1 devices have Flash, or did I just get lucky on the metadoctor script that I used?

    By the way, my FrankenPre on Sprint is working great, but I haven't installed Sprint Navigator yet.
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    I don't know much about FrankenPre's but I think flash is baked into the browser, as opposed to the standalone apps such as nav.
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    I usually test out flash w/this page: | Air Strike - [url= | Air Strike[/url]
    If you see the blue lego ? you don't have flash. Spaceships means you do, and you have to add it manually from the WebOS 2.0 Upgrade wiki page.
    If you give me you're email I can try to send you the ipk file I created to make it work.
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    if you do get flash working, it is awesome. Watched the mosley = pacquiao fight on my phone....awesome! Iphone lets see you do that.

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