Hi all,

A while back I attempted to FrankenPre my unlocked developer Pre2. Hardware swapping appeared to work, the phone would power on and I could run the custom MetaDoctor on it, but it would fail at 84% every time. I asked around for some advice then but was unable to get any assistance, so I gave up.

Yesterday, I decided that since I was getting a Veer on AT&T that I would swap the GSM radio back into my Pre2 and have it as a backup phone. Same deal, hardware swap went fine, no issues there. This time, when I attempt to run the doctor, it fails at 12% every time regardless of what cable I use or what computer I attempt to use it with. I've tried downloading the doctor from webosinternals and directly from HP/Palm using the serial number of my phone, same failure every time.

Anyone have any idea of what could be causing it to fail at 12%? I've poked around the internet and seen threads on failures at 4% and 8%, but nothing for 12%. Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated