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    I have read the Frankenpre wiki, hardware and software, and being an IT person, I think I have a grasp of the process. I am close to making the decision to buy my developer Pre2 based on good comments I read everywhere.
    In the software section it mentions that CYGWIN will not work properly and will cause the phone to not be recognized (or something like that). It mentions to use the Desktop edition of Ubuntu. I've searched through that webpage, but I dont see the desktop edition anywhere. I see the Windows installer, but the instructions mention not to use that one.

    For those of you that have Frankened, how did you do it? Where did you get the software? Any tips? Tricks? Did you create a new profile?

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    When I did mine (and my Sprint Pre Plus before) I took an older desktop and installed Ubuntu on it as the only operating system. I do recall that at the time I did mine there was no driver for the Pre 2 for Ubuntu, so once the Metadoctor was created, I copied it to a flash drive, then installed it on my Windows Vista laptop.

    I did create a new profile, to me it just seemed the path of least resistance, and gave me the opportunity to pay a few developers twice for apps which I didn't mind to do.

    The main thing to remember is that the phone with the donor com board MUST already be activated, which I didn't do initially and caused me issues.

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