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    I upgraded from a webOS 1.4.5 Sprint Pre to a webOS 2.0.1 VW Pre 2. I backed up my palmdatabase.db3 file from the original pre and then activated my palm profile on the Pre 2. After putting it into DevMode and coping the file I was dismayed to see that there was missing information, and to my further dismay, I found that the Pre 2 has different tables and that the .db3 file from my Pre will not be compatible with the Pre 2.

    What can I do at this point? Can I simply reactivate my palm profile on the old device, reload the .db3 file and then manually write down the information?

    Thanks so much in advanced
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    pretty sure the .db3 files were not compatible between the 2 devices.

    if you do a search i think you'll find the thread.
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    ^ +1

    The underlying database structure was modified for 2.0.
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    My Pre is showing signs of abuse and use and frankly running slow. I am having to reboot pretty often. I was thinking of upgrading to a newer smartphone like the EVO or Samsung but the price plus the contract extension are making me think twice. If I buy a used one in better condition, is it easy to swap the SIM so I don't have to go through the activation process with Sprint? I am not a tech geek here but I can follow good documentation.

    Also has anyone found a good protective case that works well with the slide and does not fall off easily?

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