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    Just doctor the damn thing. o.O It will save a lot of headache down the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arvindkolhar View Post

    Did you get around this issue? If you did could you share it please? I am having similar issues with no notifications on receiving sms. I have to go into my messaging app to see if I have received any txt. Also similar issue with the facebook app trying to sync.
    I did manage to fix it but i can't remember how. I'm very sorry dear, but i think that GSParks has it about right, i didn't doctor but i did remove some patches reboot and the sms finally worked i reinstalled the patches and everything works smoothly now. good luck
    Quote Originally Posted by gsparks2 View Post
    Mine was doing that and I thought that some of the patches I had installed were causing it. After I removed all the patches, the notifications still did not work then I Doctored and the notifications started working again. I do not know if the patches caused them to stop or not. Maybe it was a coincidence. After Doctoring, they work.

    This is indeed how i fixed it, thanks for posting it i never updated afterward on how it got fixed
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    this happens to my frankenpre2 and to fix it I just do a full reboot sym+r+grey/orange button. After it boots you will get all your missed texts, I had like 12 missed texts from my gf lol.
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