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    Is there a way to manually click/select an option on the Palm Pre 2 Keypad? I have a cracked screen and am trying to export my contacts via the ##66634# trick posted on multiple threads. I get all the way to the CelleBrite Export screen but cannot click the button to start the export. Does anybody know of a way to manually do this as I am not able to gesture select this to begin the export? I really need to pull my contacts off.

    Your Swift Response would be greatly appreciated. Have gotten a different phone via the insurance and have to send the cracked one back in a couple of days.
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    usually it is the enter key. Also try square+enter.
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    Unfortunately that didn't work. Does anybody know how to move down the page or from one option to another. If I can highlight it, then I think I can push the square+enter, but otherwise it doesn't do anything.
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    man I am in the same boat... I can get it to recognize that I am tapping but it's right above the "cellebrite export" button.... SOOOOO CLOSE.

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