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    OK so I think I understand but would appreciate some confirmation.......

    I now have 2 Pre's - a Pre minus on Sprint and a Pre 2 GSM unlocked with 2 profiles (of course).

    I have 2 google accounts synced to my minus, what would happen if I sync my Pre 2 to my google accounts as well? I understand it does sync, but are there any gotchas and will the accounts update no matter which device I make changes on? This is for Calendar and address book mainly and some 3rd party appt that use google docs.

    Thanks in advance
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    No? No one knows? Or Question too dumb?
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    You should have the updated info on the 2 devices...
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    I currently synch two Pres to the same set of google accounts. No problem, except it's annoyong to get the same email in so many places...
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    Thanks guys - I'm just scared to screw up any my data.......

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