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    Got my new Palm Pre 2 today in the mail. of course, I would like to add some patches. I downloaded the latest version of webOS QuickInstall and set my Pre 2 into developer mode. However, QuickInstall will not detect my device.

    ANy suggestions?
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    first get the newest version of webos doctor (2.0 verizon), start it up with the the pre detached. go through the process a little and it should install the novacom drivers you need for the pre 2, thats the problem i had.
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    Wish I had read that solution as I had that problem a few hours ago.

    I installed 2.01 SDK. Then I found the standalone Preware installed on webos internals wiki page for preware and downloaded that to my Mac. I installed the drivers from it (it has a menu dropdown for driver installation) and then pressed the preware install button, worked OK.

    Don't forget to put your phone into dev mode.

    Was a pain in the ****. HP, please get your act together, I was about ready to tell my friend to just get an iphone.
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    oh yeah! I forgot to install webOS doctor for 2.0! THANKS!!! I think that should do it.
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    never mind.... installed doctor 2.0 and no luck. still does not recognize the pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by estebancam View Post
    never mind.... installed doctor 2.0 and no luck. still does not recognize the pre
    it doesnt' matter, just install the novacomd drivers seperately, open up quickinstall download and install preware it WILL give u an error, just ignore it, unplug the pre, restart and preware should be there, it gave me another error when it booted it up the first time, so i closed it and reopened it and its been fine every since.
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    Thanks! Finally got Preware on my Pre 2. I had to do what bluenote had to do. That was the only way for the novacom drivers to download correctly. I used the IPK installer in order to install Preware. Everything seems to be working rather perfectly now, thank you all!

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