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    I was an original Pre owner on Sprint. In fact I switched to Sprint the day the Pre came out. Having used palm devices for many years I just had to have the pre when it came out. However, after going through 5 pre's due to the screens cracking I tried both the HTC Evo and a Blackberry tour. I couldn't stand Android but liked the email and the keyboard on the blackberry. The blackberry web browser is terrible though.

    I recently switched to Verizon and picked up an iPhone 4 and think that the phone is ok but I find that I am really missing the pre. So I tested out a Pre 2 today at the Verizon store and ended up ordering one. For me webos is the best os available as it is so intuitive and the gestures just make sense to me.

    I like the iPhone but it just lacks the finesse that webos has. I really miss having a physical qwerty keyboard as well. So yeah when my Pre 2 arrives I will be back to webos!
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    My brother who originally had a Pre and moved on to an iPhone 4 has said that the Pre 3 might get him to switch back. The Pre was the only phone that he liked as much as his iPhone.
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    IMO the beauty of webOS is that it has a polished and easy to use UI like iOS, but it also allows users to tweak the hell out of their phones if they want to (without jail-breaking).
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    you will love the Pre2
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    hope you enjoy the pre 2 OP
    i sure as heck do
    cannot wait for the 3 or anything else.
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    2.0.1 is buggy but the Pre2 is solid. You'll like the move.

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    Hey, I just recently did the same. Came from a Pixi+, got an iPhone 4 and missed so much that WebOS had. Now I'm on a Pre 2 and happy.
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    I recently did the same thing. I purchased an iphone 4 on launch day on Verizon. I HATED IT! Really. What a HORRIBLE OS.... So horrible. No usable home screen, just icons. Notifications are HORRIBLE. I can't believe I have to exit an application to go to the settings for it... I can't believe I can't attach anything from the email client, I have to go to what I want to attach first... I could go on and on for hours. Suffice it to say that I purchased a Pre 2 and sold my iPhone. I am so happy now. So so happy. Been away from web OS since last June with the release of the evo. I'm back now and staying for good.

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