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    I have a pristine Pre 2 still in the original box with a touchstone cover I need to get rid of as I am going GSM. It has been used about 5 or 6 times. Anyone interested please email me at

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    Thanks guys
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    check out the marketplace board. There are a few people looking for CDMA Pre 2's there.
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    I didn't even know we had one, thanks!
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    Could someone move this over there.
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    How much do you want for the Pre2?
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    I just got a GSM Pre 2, need a CDMA version, I'll be sending an email shortly.

    EDIT (5/6): Just thought I'd let everyone know that I traded with landford and everything went smoothly. He's a great guy to talk with and definitely reliable. I sent mine on Tuesday at 2pm, he sent his on Tuesday at 6pm, he received his on Wednesday at 3 and I received mine Thursday at noon. Pre 2 was in perfect condition, just as described. =]
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