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    am picking up a verizon pre 2 later today and am gonna do the comm board swap tonight for sprint. I know with the gsm version I get 2.1 and ota updates, verizon comes with 2.0.1? But onece verizon updates will I be able to update ota? Also what are the differences? Thanks, super excited to have an updated webos phone on sprint!

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    I just did the comm board swap last night on a Pre 2 I purchased. The keyboard is better, the phone feels much more solid than a Pre (plus) and webOS runs smooth. One big difference is you won't care as much about news on if/when Sprint is supposed to get the Pre 3.
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    I just received a Pre 2 GSM version, I made a post in the marketplace, someone else wants to trade his CDMA Pre 2. If he is no longer willing to do, or already found someone who wants to trade, I would be willing to do so. I'll let you know when he gets back to me.

    Either way, I'm entering the world of Pre 2, the world of no more needing to overclock, the world of GPS (hopefully) finally locking, the world of SUPPORTED WebOS 2.0, the world of POSSIBLY EVEN WebOS 3.0...

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    The Pre 2 will be getting webOS 3.0.
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    (I had an account here once but the site wont recognize my emails but that's neither here nor there)

    I've been a palm pre user and follower since they where first talked about in sprint. "If" some how we get passed up for pre3 (veer is not an option do to that cdma thing) I want to get a pre 2 from online and do the board switch. Who made the easiest instructions to follow and which way do I go to his instructions page? I'm asking now so that I know my options ahead of time.

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