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    Got a great deal on it too. Off contract at $227.50 & free shipping

    My overclocked Pixi Plus has served me well, but I wanted something more before the Pre 3 is available. I won't be able to use my existing profile on the Pixi anymore after using it on a webOS 2.0 device, right?
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    correct - I put my Pre+ to Airplane mode before switching to my Pixi+ and as soon as I turned WiFi back on, it called home to mama, saw I was logged into another device and wiped my Pre+. I had intended on switching back and forth between them but the reload time for apps and data was excrutiating, plus many Pre apps didn't work on the Pixi, so I switched the Pixi to another email address. When I went to my Pre2, i did use my original profile since I'd bought so many apps. I know the Pre+ will wipe when I turn it on someday, but that's OK.

    so, decide if you have enough paid apps on the Pixi that you'll want to use on the Pre2 and can do without on the Pixi if you use it again. If so then you can create a new profile on the Pixi after it wipes itself. Otherwise a new email address for the Pre2.

    I spent about the same for my off-contract Verizon Pre2 using my developer coupon and have no regrets at all! I do miss my Pixi keyboard thought

    good luck and enjoy!

    edit: i don't know about compatibility between profiles, which was probably the point of your question!
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    Cool, thanks for the responses. I was just wondering how I would go about wiping data from the Pixi for potential resale and it looks like that part will take care of itself.
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    Device Info. Click on the Reset Options
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    I don't remember if the USB portion was cleared, so you'll want to plug it in and make sure of it.

    I don't think I'll ever give up my Pixi+, i love that little guy! Plus it'll be perfect for taking on vacation to Mexico in a couple months - I'd hate to lose or damage my Pre2 at the beach
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    I might hold onto the pixi, or I might give it to a family member. I've considered donating it to science, too. Specifically, for that guy who's trying to put webOS 2.0 on Pixies have a cdma device for his experiments.
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    Until the Pixi gets webOS 2.0, you won't be able to bring your profile back. Profiles on 2.0 are incompatible with profiles on 1.4.5.

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    hey rsanchez1 - sorry to briefly hijack this thread - but thanks for putting that Dashboard example on github. I found it after reading the posts on the palm forums and while I still didn't get my project for school to work before I had to write my paper, I know I will make it work eventually and your help is greatly appreciated!
    Cheers, Clarice

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