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    Today only, the Pre 2 is on sale at Verizon for $79.99. I am strongly considering upgrading from my Pre Plus. Is it worth doing? I love the size of my current phone, not sure about the Pre 3. Do the pouches and cases for the Pre Plus fit the Pre 2? Can you use the same touchstone?
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    Off contract?!?!?!
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    2 year contract
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    Off contract, it is still $399
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    over in the marketplace forum is a thread from a vzw store owner that will give it to you for free with contract...

    ps, the Pre2 gps works very well...
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    here is the store that has been doing the Pre2 for free:
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    IMHO, I wouldn't lock into a two year contract for a Pre2 but that's just me. I'd rather run my VZW Pre+ meta'd to 2.1 with an OC'd kernel and wait to see what comes out between now and EOY. From what I've read the Pre2 doesn't offer that much more than an OC'd Pre+. The Homebrew support is slower to develop for it too. At least it seems that way.
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    I just got rid of my iphone 4 on veizon for a pre 2. I hated iOS. Love webOS :-) it should get here tomorrow or tuesday. I honestly cannot wait! I ordered it from best buy for 399. Used my buy back program so I didn't have to pay anything for the Pre. That phone should satisfy my well until the Pre 3 comes out on verizon.
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    To answer the OP's Q, I went from a Pre plus to Pre 2, and the my Krusell case and the Pre plus pouches fit just the same.
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    Thanks for responding to my original question. Glad to hear that everything will fit the Pre2. I ordered the Pre 2 last night, should be here Wed.
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    Is this deal still going on? I have an upgrade open to me right now. I really want the Pre 2 since the Veer won't be on VZW and I think the PRE 3 will be to big.
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    i love my Pre 2. All the accessories from the Pre still work, including touchstone.

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