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    I've noticed the issue disappearing on my unlocked GSM Pre 2 when I frequently delete threads. Might help, not sure.
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    also on pre3 (gsm Vodafone)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktessner View Post
    I just had this for three days and unlike other times a reboot alone was not curing it. I thought it might be a messaging database issue so I deleted all conversations, let it sit for 10 minutes to allow the database to catch up to the GUI (don't know how necessary that step was but I was being cautious), and then did an Opt+Sym+R reboot. This time when it came back from the reboot all the messages I had missed since Friday were there! Woohoo! I texted some late answers back to a few friends and got their replies so it all seems to be working again. Rogers Pre 2 on Bell with webOS 2.1.0.
    How do you delete the text messages (I have a palm pre2).

    Got my incoming texts working again by doing a shut down (not a restart).
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    anyone ever solve this. My phone has been doing it every day lately. A restart only fixes for a few hours.
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