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    I swapped my 2-year old Sprint Pre's comm board into my developer Pre 2 to make a Frankenpre - seemed to work like a charm, all was well.

    Several days in, I'm noticing some problems that are getting irksome. I haven't seen reference to any of these problems in other posts, but hopefully someone can help:

    1) Notifications don't notify. Incoming emails and texts don't cause the phone to vibrate or play a system sound, even though I have the settings set properly (and the mute button is not on). The notification icon just pops up silently on the bottom.

    2) System menu and App menus don't show up. After some time, the app menu in any app, as well as the system menu which allows you to turn on/off wifi, power, VPN, etc. will NOT appear no matter what. If I reset the phone, they work again for a time, but eventually stop again. I actually had this problem before I frankenpre'd this thing, so it's not likely related to the changes.

    3) Scrolling in emails, websites, facebook, etc. is very glitchy - it will freeze for several seconds at a time frequently. More ram and faster processor, but I didn't have these problems with my regular pre.

    Anyone having similar issues?
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    I have had app menus not work, but only about 2 times and both times a reboot fixed the problem. I could be wrong, but think some of it boils down to apps that don't run well on 2.x.

    The "thermal pad" app seems to have issues. Also, my sprint pre 2 has been running much better since I stopped using the engadget app. I can't say 100%, but it sure seems like when I use the engadget app, I wind up having to reboot 1-2 times a day.

    Sorry i'm not more help.

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    Well I haven't been using many apps - pretty much just email, phone, text, and Spades. And it's not just the app menu, but the device menu as well.
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    I had this (device menu not acting) multiple times with pre- on 2.1 and once with pre2 on 2.1.
    I don't ever had your other 2 problems (on pre2).
    One thing is the randomly using a systemsound for notification instead of the configured one.
    I think to remember all of this was reported by others as well.

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