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    I still have my dev coupon for a Pre2, but at this point, should I just wait for the Veer? I like the smaller form factor (I liked the Pixi) and from what I'm reading the Veer seems as if it is faster than the Pre2. The bigger screen doesn't really affect what I'm doing on it. Are there any advantages to the Pre2 over the Veer, other than it is available right now?
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    I suggest both for the following reasons:

    1) It gives you two devices to test/compare or run different configurations.
    2) it will give you experience with both CPUs and screen resolutions.
    3) If you don't spend hours surfing the web on your phone, the Veer could be an amazing phone. But if you need a larger screen, the Pre2 hardware is exceptional. Choice is a good thing.
    4) The Veer isn't out yet, and we all know that if you wait for HP, it could be awhile
    5) You can provide great feedback by being able to compare the two devices.
    6) You can sell one if you ever find that it isn't helping you as a developer to have two handsets. I'm not a developer, but I really like having a second phone so I can use it in troubleshooting issues I create for myself when messing with my primary phone.
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    kancept is it a free dev pre 2 or a $200 coupon just wanted to know
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    It's a $200 off coupon. I haven't heard anything on my free developer on I applied for ages ago, but I'm not gonna bug them for it.

    As for getting both, I would if I could afford it. As it stands I really hate purchasing data from AT&T cuz damn if it isn't expensive. $60 on prepay or more if it's a subsidized phone, which is one of my concerns about the veer.

    I like the smallest common denominator for developing on which is one reason I like the pixi and the veer. I like the pixi too for the reason that I love candybar phones, more than the slabs I have ( iPhone 3GS, 4, and 2 droids)

    Wish hp would give me a veer since I now work there. Just not my department I guess.

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