View Poll Results: What is your favorite music player on WebOS 2.x?

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  • Amigo

    4 14.29%
  • Music Player (Remix)

    15 53.57%
  • Koto Player

    4 14.29%
  • Music (Built-in Player)

    4 14.29%
  • None of them work for me. Get an ipod!

    1 3.57%
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    I just got a Pre 2 and wanted to see what is your favorite Music Player.
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    i'm not much of one for bells and whistles. I want my music player to show my album art work and have easy access to shuffle the songs. The stock music app meets all my needs.
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    Koto, but all three have some form of a free trial available.
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    I like Koto, but until the album ordering bug is fixed nothing will totally replace the default music player for me.
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    <--- In this guy's opinion Music Player Remix crushes the competition although I have Koto lite installed for the built in Just Type search in case I wanna just find a track real quick. Like Malpha said though: check out the free trials.
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    I agree with Psychonaut, in that I love that you can just type and your songs/artists/whatever come up in Koto Player. In MPR, you can launch a search in the app but I think it's a little more intuitive to use Just Type. However, I love MPRs in app search function.

    I think MPRs amount of user functions really just give it that extra oomph. I love that you can have a timer to turn it off after a set period, because I like falling asleep to music, but I don't care about the music after I'm asleep so I want it to turn off to save battery etc. I'm not sure, they're all fantastic though. Much better than the default media player but I'm glad Palm allows other media players/web browsers into the App Catalog.
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    Since getting my Pre2, I haven't bothered putting music onto it, and I usually use either TuneIn to listen to Sunshine Live (a German radio station I'm in love with), or Pandora.

    That is, when I'm not using my Zune.
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    Nanplayer... :-(
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    Had Koto before my 2.1ed Pre- crashed and took down my Palm Profile. Koto will be the first app I buy as soon as I can lay hands on 2.1 again.
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    Koto added an in-app search, swipe forward from any screen to initiate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankdavis View Post
    Nanplayer... :-(
    Now that I have 2.1 I miss the look and feel of nanplayer
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    Quote Originally Posted by innocentbystander View Post
    I like Koto, but until the album ordering bug is fixed nothing will totally replace the default music player for me.
    What's the bug? I noticed that when syncing my music with Banshee that albums now display chronologically (yesssss!) in Koto and MR (but not stock), however, it you play the artist it goes in alphabetical order in both.

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    I'm not a big music listener. I have about 100 songs on my Pre 2 and if the mood hits me I just use the stock player.

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    Music Player Remix 2.0 for me. It has more features than I use. I like the look of it, the ability to pull up lyrics, changing fly lists. Haven't had the need or desire to look at other music apps.
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    Koto and MPR are fine. I'm anxious to try Audiophile though... Anyone using it yet?
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    I have had 2.1 for while now and I keep wishing I had nanplayer back. It was simple yet functional and good to look at. I currently use amigo I like how it looks the best but the navigation still stumps even after about a month with it.

    Music player remix and Koto are very capable Music players.

    Love the search capability, has a lot of features. Has a lot of icons crowding the main screen that personally I think can be in a secondary menu some where. Dont need a scrubber always present since I have never had the need to advance a 3 minute song. Good for podcast etc tough.

    All I want to see is: song info, a home button (takes me back to artists, album etc), a toggle button between now playing and current playlist, forward, rewind and pause. Everything else can be accessed from a secondary menu

    Koto Player:

    Great player with super navigation, but hard to look at Round at the top, round inside of square at the bottom and album art jammed inside there somehow.

    Basically what I need is nanplayer with the search capability of Music Player Remix
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    audiophile, because it's the only one where you can adjust bass and treble and fine adjust volume.
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    You forgot NaNPlayer and Audiophile Music Player.
    I wish the developer of NaNPlayer would give the code to someone willing to take over (I thought he did that..?) or release the last beta version for everyone.
    Audiophile Music Player has a lot of potential, though I haven't used it and I hear its UI is not very polished yet.

    As long as my music player supports scrobbling, I'm good. Using JT to quickly find albums is also very compelling.
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    @johnnygewitter: if your response is directed at me, no I did not forget about nanplayer and audiophile. Like I said all I need is a nanplayer with better search capability like remix but I would take it without better search if it was available. I wish someone would just take over nanplayer and make it compatable with 2x and release it. Or just copy it.

    If you are replying to the op nanplayer is not available for 2x and the thread was probably started before audiophile was widely available.

    As for audiophile, I was involved in testing, but not so much lately. Really, the UI needs a complete make over, from scratch. The icons are way too dark and thick, on the index thing that comes up when launched it has text and icons. Why not just text, I personally can't make out what those icons are supposed to represent, the album one looks like skulls to me.

    But in general it is still very buggy. I only does what it is supposed to sometimes, at least on my phone. But it is still in development so we can cut them some slack. What I would suggest to them is to just copy the ui of nanplayer, use the turntable(the original one without the needle) for songs without album art and concentrate on stability
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    It wasn't directed to anyone in particular, just wanted to add those 2 apps. And it didn't cross my mind that NaN is not available for 2.x. And I didn't notice that this thread is relatively old. I'm sorry

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