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    So, I picked up a Pre2 when it first launched on Verizon in February. The IM issues with Yahoo and GChat were crimping my ability to do some work, and so, I decided to return to my BlackBerry (plus, I was on BES, which is really difficult to give up anyway) and send the Pre2 back to VZW.

    Earlier this week, I picked up a BlackBerry PlayBook. Bridged it with my Bold and off to the races. Everything worked, in fact, there was little that was "new" to it, because there's not a lot of stuff out for it yet, plus, the whole experience on the thing had me thinking about webOS anyway (I don't think it was intentional "imitation" per se, enough research will lead to a common conclusion hence the similar GUI).

    Then I read about the new music and movie integration coming from HP, and read more about how the TouchPad was going to have even tighter integration with the device (call data, SMS, etc)...that, in addition to the new market coming from HP (something I was hoping they would do), and I have a new integrated service that will also work with other HP gear I own, that isn't Apple. I see a light at the end of the tunnel to dump iTunes.

    So, yesterday, I walked into a VZW agent store and picked up a Pre2 off-contract to tide me over until the really cool stuff comes out later this summer (which I was going to do anyway, but I couldn't even wait for that...I'm such a compulsive...)...

    Anyway, the Pre2 will be lit up this afternoon when I'm done with my errands this morning...
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    good for you !! now you have to install preware !! it wil blow your mind all the apps that are available that you dont know about yet , well unless youve already downloaded it lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Good for you! I was thinking about switching to a BB Curve with OS6 (since VZW updated theirs) because I played around with a friends and I really liked it. But I thought about how much I really love WebOS and I just want a change. So I will stay with my Pre 2 until that beautiful slab phone from HP comes out. Anyway, a couple of apps I use everyday:
    TweetMe (if you don't wanna pay for a cool client, install Preware and go to the beta feeds and install "phnx")

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