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    ok. I'm not using my palm any more. I'm using it more for a web sufing, music and vidoes. But I want to know is there a way I can get webOS 2.0 on my phone. I have the verizon palm pre plus* Also plz make the answer simple for me if you can. Thx you I have wedOS 1.4.5
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    Pre2 is preloaded w 2.0... You might have meant 2.1... And in that case I don't know.

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    srry man I miss posted I have the palm per plus on verizen. I posted this on my pre so ya.
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    ᛖᚲ ᚹᛁᛏᚲᛁ ᚱᛁᛊᛏ ᚱᚢᚾᚠᚱ
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    ok im using ubuntu. i tryed all the stuff and well it made my brain fry. is there some other easyer way or make it easer?
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    the scripts on the wiki page are as easy as it gets I'm afraid.

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