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    Hi there,
    since the search function is overloaded with battery topics, I wanted to post a single thread for IMAP + battery.
    My observation:
    I just switched from an EAS connection with Google to an IMAP connection. Since then my battery power is close to 50% of what it was before.
    Normally I could get comfortably through the day. Now my Pre 2 is pretty much done in the afternoon.
    Turning IMAP off and battery performance comes back.

    Anyone can confirm this?

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    how much email to you get, and how many accounts? I've started having gmail aggregate all of my accounts into a single gmail account on my phone. that seems to have really helped.
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    Gmail IMAP push is much worse than most IMAP servers in push as far as power is concerned.
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    BTW, how are you able to use EAS to access gmail?
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    I get like a dozen E-Mails over the day on my gmail account, so not much. But even that seems to be enough to ruin the battery life.

    I am using a free Google apps account, which includes Google mobile sync. The mobile sync has to be activated in the apps account, then you use the following manual EAS server configuration (not sure if it also would work with regular GMail accounts):

    E-Mail: your E-Mail address
    Server: Google Mobile
    User: your E-Mail address again
    Password: your Password

    You can sync E-Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks over it and do an online Contact search.
    My opinion to the EAS protocol with Google in comparison to regular Google setup:
    E-Mail: better than IMAP, due to battery life
    Contacts: Worse than Google contacts, since fields are missing
    Calendar: Worse than Google calendar, since multiple calendars are really odd
    Tasks: Nice, but useless, since they do not sync with your google tasks
    Online Address search: not needed, since you have all contacts on your phone.

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