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    I've been saying all along that I prefer the size of the Pre2 over both the Pre3 and the Veer (not to mention the Android mega phones). Glad to hear you are pleased with the Pre2. I intend to upgrade to a Pre2 in October whether the Pre3 is available or not (at least for now).
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    Quote Originally Posted by daveyfx View Post
    If Verizon is good about pushing out the 3.x update for the Pre 2, then i'll probably just stick with it. The form factor is perfect for me.
    Are you kidding? VZ hasn't even got the 2.1 update out yet and it looks like that will be what is available at the launch of the Veer, maybe Pre 3 ...
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    I got a Pre2 for a few days now.. the size feels perfect for me. There is a slight curved thing going on which makes it feel better in my hand even more than the original pre.

    I wouldn't say its blazing fast, it launches apps in a timely manner (exception being data intensive apps such as forums) with email being drastically improved, maybe there is a difference between how native apps launch and third party apps.

    Overall it is very satisfying, I will have to see what the Pre is like to see if I need one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustMatt View Post
    Well, impossible is a strong word... Exceptionally difficult; absolutely. I am able to cheat with a crossed lens that I happen to have on hand that also happens to be a perfect supplemental lens for taking macroish shots with my Pre+. Of course i have to hold the lens in front of the Pre's camera lens, I am able to take some cool shots that would normally be impossible with the stock camera. Heres a sample:

    Although, the improved camera in the Pre 3 is a big draw for me over the Veer or Pre 2...

    {EDIT} Sorry for the hugeish pic, I will try to drop it down in size a bit if its too big
    That's purty.
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    I'm inclined to concur; if the Pre2 had a compass (and was widely available; you can't get one with QWERTZ sadly) I think I'd probably choose it over the Pre3. But I really want that compass...
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