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    -117 (Sprint, Garden Street, Cambridge, MA)
    Roaming (Sprint, Billerica, MA)
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    -71 (Providence, RI)
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    Quote Originally Posted by levoresume View Post
    sorry for late reply, i was busy with school yesterday.
    my power button physically is fine, i'm still able to click but the problem is there is no response for my clicking. i can't turn on/off the screen.
    Thanks for the reply. Another question if you don't mind... Did you have any patches installed or an OC kernel when the power button stopped responding?

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    @adrand : I have no patches and kernels at all. I didn't even install preware

    @unclevanya: unfortunately this is a 7 days old phone, I politely decline to use any patches as a solution.
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    He isn't suggesting patches as a solution, he is asking to help you troubleshoot whether this is hardware or software related.

    If you think it's hardware, they should swap it for another new one. Every day you wait works against you if you want to demand another new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    -95 isn't very good.
    The smaller the number the better.
    But isn't -95 a negative number, and therefore small?
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    yesterday i got my replacement pre 2 and even it's brand new the condition was like a used unit. power button feels like pre+ power button, and slider is much more looser than my previous pre 2. When i place it to my touchstone charger it also made a weird buzzing noise, which i didn't have with my palm pre+ or pre 2. finally i ended up by returning it to HP, i didn't want to try my chance one more time. waiting for pre 3...
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