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    2 Issues after successfully doctoring my franken pre to 2.1. I have also done the OTA that is recommended in order for voice dial to work.

    Side note: I used to own a pre in 2010. Never purchased any apps, all free ones. Did not care to start fresh since I have been out of the webOS circle. So I paused all downloads and deleted all paused downloads in Software Manager

    1. Under the Application launcher, All of my previous apps are grayed out and there is no way to delete them since I wanted to have a fresh install/clean slate.

    2. My phone says I have 3 voicemails. I have used google voice for voicemail for over 3 months. I attempted to reinitiate my sprint voicemail to try and delete anything but it said it was empty. I reissued voicemail services to google voice but it still claims to have 3 voicemails in the phone application.

    Thank you in advanced.
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    For #1: Go into the accounts application, tap on each app and then tap on cancel.

    For #2: You wont be able to do this through the Pre2 since its practically a GSM build still. When you setup the Pre2, did you first clear the Palm Profile backup? Tried putting a new voicemail into the box and then on that phone delete the voicemail?
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    as for the apps, do a full restart & when it does restart, check to see if the greyed out apps still are, greyed out.
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    I had the same problem with the apps. Delete them using software manager (the greyed out icons will still be there) Then go to the app catalog and and download them againg for free and this should fix it.

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