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    Just got my Pre 2 yesterday. What a difference from my blkbry. It looks great but I am already having regrets. It has been freezing up and once and a while (remember just got it 24hrs. ago) when I am typing or launching an app the screen just goes black and the "PALM" logo comes up.

    I am not very tech savvy (remember I switched over from a blkbry (e-machine)). I noticed several posts about patches and was wondering if this is something I have to do to make my phone function properly.

    I mean the phone doesn't have navigation (unless I pay $10 a month, which is ridiculous), the battery drains quickly (I hope this improves), and limited to no apps (unless you are into counting calories and reading scripture).

    Can someone help me/convince me that I will be happy with this phone? Even bad relationships have a honeymoon period. I want to give this phone a chance but I also do not want my return policy to expire.

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    the phone should not be freezing up. I would take it back to the store.

    My battery life sucks, but I have spare batteries and am usually not far from a touchstone charger.

    Your phone should work well, but battery life and lack of apps are the big shortcomings. Only you can decide if you want to stay with it.

    I have plenty of apps for my needs, but other platforms have many more.
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    Lacking information, we assume you are on Verizon.

    Take it back to the store, the one you have is not functioning properly.

    <edited by staff>

    WebOS has not been fully grasped in the development community and there is no real clear understanding as to if/when that will change. It will really be determined based on the improvement of market share for WebOS.

    There is lots to read on this website and lots to understand but I think the phone you picked up is glitchy and should be replaced.

    In answer to one of your questions, no you do not have to patch the phone to make it stable, you patch to add features/functions that are not present in the current version of WebOS.

    Good luck
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    sometimes a complete reset of the phone helps to keep it going better. I have set mine to restart everyday at 3 am
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    fresh out of the box... Heck no, id return it, but try another Pre 2. One that doesn't randomly restart.
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    Is Verizon still stuck on the slightly buggy 2.0 then? 2.1 shows a HP rather than Palm logo.
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    yeah, on Verizon we're at 2.0.1 still however I've had my Pre 2 a couple weeks and have had no problems the OP mentioned. but to be fair, regarding battery life - I have 6 Touchstones scattered around the house and car (thanks to my Pre+ battery life) and have bought 2 spares from amazon for 3-4 bucks each.

    Bean815 - your comment about apps - I'm guessing you should seek out threads about the must-have apps to get suggestions since the app store doesn't really lend itself to find the good ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    sometimes a complete reset of the phone helps to keep it going better. I have set mine to restart everyday at 3 am
    KKahnMD: How do you set your Pre 2 to restart at 3am? Thanks.

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