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    woke up this morning, and in the message history, it is blank. I have tons of texts. But the only way to view any of them is to type (from 'just type') the contacts name, and hit the sms icon.

    anyone else have this issue?

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    Need more information... what you are running and such... 1.4.5 on a pre...2.0... 2.1... pre 2... pixi...
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    Pre 2 (verizon) running 2.0.1
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    Hmm... I dont have a pre 2 and havent run 2.0.1... but I seem to remember a while back people having a similar problem on 1.4.5 when the conversations got to be exceptionally long or if the database was just chock full of saved text messages that they wouldnt appear on the main scene.

    I dont have a solution for you... or even a cause. There used to be a patch that allowed you to delete all conversations but I dont think its been re-written for 2.0.1 and that might not even be your problem.
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    don't have really THAT many to justify that. Guess I'm off to the doctor for what... The third time?
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    after the doctor, everything is fine. Wow, 2.0.1 is buggy :/

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