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    I also have this issue. And what's worse is that there is no sure way of knowing what triggers it. In other words there is no rogue app that I launch that causes this. Hopefully there is a bug fix in the works for the next version of webOS or completely absent in the pre 3.

    BTW I frankenpre'd a GSM unlocked Pre 2 with a sprint Pre -. I did the swap and then flashed 2.1 on it.
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    So i have a Sprint Franken Pre 2 running 2.1. I'm running into an issue where my phone will stop receiving text randoomly. Like last night i was waiting for my date to text me when she was heading out and never got a response. Then i rebooted my phone an viola i had two texts from her. They came in with the correct timestamps so i could see they were sent like 30 min ealier. This will happen every once in a while. It will randomly stop receiving texts but a phone restart will bring the texts that were waiting in. Anyone have any ideas ?
    It's either a Sprint issue or 2.1 issue because I have 2.1 on my Sprint Pre- and that happened to me for like a month then it just stopped. Leads me to believe its a Sprint issue.
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    I have just converted a ver pre 2 to a sprint switched the whole bezel with commboard and I have random luna sets with missing texts
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    maybe we need to update script to use the ver doctor of 2.1 and carrier of sprint and meta that together, instead of sfr + ver 2.0.1 ....... Please respond !
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    sorry to bump an old thread, but has anyone had success resolving this issue? I'm having this problem on my GSM unlocked Pre 2 (not Sprintified). Strangely though it's only happened on this particular replacement unit (my 2nd advance exchange) which leads me to believe it's a hardware issue. Anyone been able to figure this one out?
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    I'm also having issues with this with a Verizon Pre 2 comm board move to Sprint. Sounds like there still isn't a solution for this.

    There is another thread on this. Can a mod merge these threads?
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    I'm having this problem on my Pre2, with Verizon. I'm in the midwest. A reboot gets the missing messages with the correct timestamps. It seems to happen a couple of times per day, very randomly. I called Verizon about it, they suggested reprogramming the phone with *228, but that didn't fix the problem. Otherwise, they were pretty clueless.

    I hope someone can figure this out. It's really frustrating to just get sort of cut off in the middle of a conversation, and usually makes the person on the other end mad when they think I'm not responding to their texts. And it's embarrassing that they are getting ALL texts on time on their little P.O.S. LG phone!
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    This is why I now am off sprint and on att with a pre3.
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    i've had this issue prior to a franken pre2 ugrade on a pre minus 1.4.5. would also happen randomly. in both cases, it would resolve itself after i dial out to make a call at which i'll find a flood of txt msg's. current phone vz sprint franken pre2 on 2.2.4
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