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    I have been a palm fan for many years. I've had palm pda's, centro pre plus and now pre2. At first I was very concerned about going from pre plus to pre2. My pre plus had so many patches. The homebrew guys make having a webos phone awesome. Losing Hotspot for free was a consideration, but free tether came out. So I decided to do it. I have Verizon by the way. First thing I did after activation was install preware. I had to up grade it of course (preware that is). I started looking for patches I had with pre plus and found a lot of them were moved to 2.1. Anyway I found quite a few changes in the patches that bundled many I had into one patch with more options. Ok now on to the differences:
    Battery life much improved
    Gps much improved
    New account Manager
    Card stacking
    Keyboard way better (still to small)
    Glass respones better
    Skype option which means future front camera
    better photos (5mp camera)
    Text assist is great
    The system doesn't like Pop3 email though. The software is much improved. The major problem I see is pre2 got no marketing. In my family their is a iphone 4 and 3, Droid X, Dare, Pre Plus, Htc ozone and of course my Pre2. The Ozone has a much better keyboard, but that's it. The dare doesn't even compete, the driods screen is bigger and more apps but the experience with the Os doesn't compare. The iphone has a bigger screen and more apps. A side from this how can they compete. Marketing period. Overall I think the pre2 is much improved over Pre Plus.
    thanks Dan
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    Glad to hear you are pleased with your Pre2. I am excited to get mine when I upgrade in October.

    I couldn't agree more. I have experience with Android, and IOs. Webos is much better in my opinion. Black Berry isn't even in the ball park. My wife will be taking her Curve back to the Verizon store on Monday for the third time in less than a year.
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    In october, do you think you go for the pre2 or pre3? What do you have now? And thanks for reading my post.
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    I love to read things like this. I LOVE my Pre2. It is everything that the Pre+ should have been.
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    Thanks for the post OP

    I've been running a FrankenPre2 for the last month or so and love the hardware (coming from the Pre-). Not sure what you experienced with POP email though... I'm running several email accounts with one of them being a POP account have have had absolutely no issues with it. <head scratch>

    Glad you are enjoying your device!
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    +1 Nothing to add ore remove (is there really a front facing cam?). I don't use pop but read about some have probs.
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    The front facing camera will be on the pre3. I don't know why they put skype on pre2 except to test software.
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    Well, Skype doesn't require a camera. You can just use the voice portion. Comes in handy when travelling abroad and have wi-fi but no cell service.

    Great review btw.
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    Are you running 2.1 on your frankenpre2, because I'm running 2.0.1
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    Have been a Palm fan for years. Verizon Pre Plus died, and just received new Pre2 today. Love new apps that make it more customizable.
    Hate new "glass" because it's very difficult to clean.
    Love the speed.
    Love not having the charging port cover.
    Although my brother's unlocked Pre2 has POP e-mail trouble, mine does not. After activating phone and logging into my Palm account all apps and settings were restored, including e-mail. That is a very underrated and awesome feature.
    I use TealSpeed to make phone way more functional.
    I use Chapura Echo & SyncManager to sync with Palm Desktop 6.2.2 on my PC (no laughing!!!).
    I don't see Skype in the app catalog, so have no idea where you're getting it. Maybe just not available on Verizon units.
    InternalZ a cool app to have.
    Big problem, however, is that there is something very wrong with the phone as the back gesture rarely works. All other gestures are OK. Will call Verizon in the ayem. They won't know **** and will most likely transfer me to Palm/HP. May have to replace the phone. Sigh
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    The skype was under phone preferences add account and the option for skype is there. I'm sure you already know this but on screen preferences the advanced gestures could of gotta unchecked. I hope it gets resolved. Anyway thanks for reading my post and the reply.

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