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    Hey guys, I'm going to buy a pre 2 recently.
    Just I don't know which of the online retailers in UK is reliable.
    I've been searching for a whole week, and the following three sites seem trust-worthy:

    2. Clove
    3. handtec

    Yet, still I am not sure which one of the above is the most reliable (in terms of quality、delivery).
    So, are there any friends in UK can get me out of it ???? Or recommand me another reliable site may be?
    Thanks sincerely
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    sorry can't help but didn't want you to feel ignored
    Rob Chilcott

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    My house is a webOS house
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    of course my 16 year old son has and droid incredible but i think i remeber finding him on the porch
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    expansys are ok. I've used them many times.

    you can also check out ebay. There are a few vendors there with lots of positive feedback
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    +1 on Expansys, have used them many times, most recently on a reconditioned Pre-, and would have used them for my Pre2 but found a new one on ebay for 290 quid.

    If you're willing to take the gamble you will find it cheaper elsewhere - Expansys are not the cheapest though.

    Incidentally, you'll love the Pre - excellent phone.
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    Haha, that's OK
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    Expansys is really expensive~~~
    I'll check ebay, thanks
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    Yes, I think I'll love it. ^o^
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    Expansys are OK. Ebay will bring better prices, but you'll have to get it from a reliable seller.

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