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    Ok, so this sounds a bit desperate. I can't get my work IMAP email to sync to my new Pre2. Without work email the Pre2 is pretty much useless and I continue to use my Pre(-).

    HP-Palm have bailed out on me and an appeal for help in the forums got me no response. So in a last bit desperate attempt to use my new gadget I'm thinking:

    1. Is there anyway I can get 1.4.5 to work on my Pre2? As long as my email works and I have the snappier processor with a battery life to scrape through a business day I'll take this option over my speed & power deficient Pre(-).

    2. If not 1.4.5 can I just get its email app to work on WebOS2? (Yes, I have no clue what I'm talking about.)

    3. Why can't we have a Chatter like 3rd party alternative to email in WebOS. Chatter worked like a dream through multiple PalmOS devices for me and to this day it is by far the gold standard for me on what an enterprise email client should be able to do on a handheld. My trusty 650 died of old age (RIP) but the 680 is still around. Just a few minutes to power up and in seconds my almost 2 year old Chatter client would have all of my gazillion folders synced upto date and ready to use. Oh Mark where art thou?
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    You might try selling the Pre2 and getting a Pre Plus. The Plus is FAR less laggy and more of what you are looking for if you can't get the Pre2 to work.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $COMM$ $boards$ $are$ $swappable$ $between$ $the$ $two$ $so$ $you$ $could$ $take$ $a$ $Pre$ $Plus$ $and$ $move$ $your$ $O2$ $board$ $over$ - $you$'$ll$ $need$ $to$ $backup$ $the$ $tokens$ $first$ $and$ $write$ $the$ $correct$ $tokens$ $to$ $allow$ $doctoring$ $the$ $new$ $phone$. $Your$ $old$ $Pre2$ $would$ $then$ $be$ $a$ $VZW$ $Pre2$ $and$ $the$ $Pre$ $Plus$ $would$ $be$ $an$ &$quot$;$O2$&$quot$; $or$ &$quot$;$ROW$&$quot$; $type$ $Pre$ $Plus$ - $at$ $least$ $that$'$s$ $what$ $I$ $think$ $would$ $happen$.
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    Couldn't find your ID treo_knight on the Palm forums, can you give me a clicky of the post you made there so I don't look like a broken record?

    1. Pre2 will not accept webOS 1.x for there are no kernel drivers for the pre2 on webos 1.x

    2. No, webos 2 relies on node.jsjsjs $to$ $work$ $and$ $its$ $dependents$ $will$ $react$ $accordingly$. $Email$ $app$ $in$ $webos$ $1$ $is$ $not$ $compatible$ $with$ $this$ $process$.

    3. It will be a VERY long time before palm allows third party devs access to the database emails reside in. Doing do would result in certain security vulnerabilities the business markets wont smile upon.

    May sound like a bug going on but before that maybe if we can get the issue maybe we can try troubleshooting and if now palm admins due what this forums alot and can report it as a bug on their end.
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    OK I think you issue posted here:

    So the problem email account is a corporate IMAP account? Id your company using a host service or do they own the server? WebOS 2 email has been updated and is using newer handshaking protocols to reflect the current standards that MAY require some changes to your IMAP server if they are still using outdated options so are maybe right your IT needs to change permissions or a setting on the mail server.
    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....

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