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    I just set up the WebOSinstall and doctor files and when i start my webos install in java it starts right up and i can get all the way to where i install the app onto my phone and then it says that there is no device detected. My phone is plugged in and i have it on just charge, so why isn't it working??
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    1. Your device needs to be in developer mode. You can achieve this by "Just Typing" "webos20090606" without quotes. Tap the app icon that appears and enable developer mode.

    2. If you've already done that try reinstalling novacom. More details on that if step one doesn't work. Let us know...
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    if you already have novacom installed, stop it from running and restart it again. Also make sure you have the latest java installed.
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    2.0 devices are super-easy - from the Palm Developer site:

    The activation-bypass tool is not needed for webOS 2.0 devices.

    1. Go to the phone app.
    2. On a GSM phone, press "#*DEVMODE#", followed by the call button. On a CDMA phone, press "##DEVMODE#". (If the device is GSM, and there is no SIM card, a screen may be displayed instructing you to install one. Just begin typing the "#*" and the phone app will appear.)
    3. The Developer Mode scene will be displayed.
    4. Select "On". You will be prompted to re-boot the device.

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