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    Hello People of Earth, how are you?


    Can someone explain to me why it takes friggin' EONS to copy files to the Pre 2!?! I simply do not understand why it literally takes several minutes to copy relatively small files to the Pre 2! For instance... I am copying over a Podcast MP3 to my device which ways in at 257 MB and it 2 files total... I started the transfer approx. 4 mins ago, and it is still writing them to the drive! It is ridiculous! I am using Mac OS X 10.6.7, and using USB 2! The damn transfer is still going! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

    What is the deal with this?
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    Took me about ~1min to move file that size on my pre2 on both my PC and Mac (10.6.7). Going through a USB hub? What other USB devices are plugged in? Are you doing a drag and drop or syncing through a software that is converting them?
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    Kill the Novacom service. See if that changes anything for you.

    Click Start > (then Run on XP) > type 'services.msc'
    Press Enter.
    Locate and stop the Palm Novacom service.

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