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    well my pre 2 on vzw slider is weak, as in its starting to have a lot more wiggle then it should and seems to be getting worse. and reading reviews on engadget about the kyocera echo's slider mechanism which is indubitably (i think thats the right use, grammar ****'s please dont hang me) more complex the our curved slider, and there saying its solid as a rock. now im not saying that the general public is gonna have the same reaction, but still having this issue after two years to fix is getting aggravating and inexcusable. and this is really my only complaint that i can level at palm about this phone (the other being not upgraded yet, but thats vzw). at this point im not really sure what to do i can upgrade now, but likely will keep this phone for a while, but if the pre 3 or veer has this problem i finding another os. please feel free to move if its not in the right pace.
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    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.
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    For Pre plus and up I wouldnt call a loose slider a design flaw but a production flaw. The slider on my Pre2 is nice and tight. My Sprint Pre - yeah was very loose to the point of the oreo effect but fixed that by lapping epoxy on the slider track. A slow process but makes it tight once done
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