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    Hi my lightbar occasionally gets stuck on after I put an app in card view and will even stay on when the screen is turned off. There aren't any notifications and it isn't blinking but just permanently on. I can fix this by going into full screen view and then back to card view again but it is annoying and I want to fix it.

    This previously happened to me when I had the Advanced system behavior patch installed, I don't know if this was the cause but I removed it because of battery life issues and it still persisted. I then toggled in the screen & lock app under notifications 'Show when locked' and 'blink notifications' off closed it, found out my problem had gone away then turned them back on and the problem went away. Yesterday there was an upgrade to advanced system behavior and I wanted to try it again. The lightbar problem returned and I have tried the previously steps that worked before. I have removed the patch. Done the emergency patch utility and reconstruction utility from preware. Toggled the notifications and I still have the problems of the lightbar being stuck on. It is very annoying. Any other suggestions on how to fix it?
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    I had this for the first time yesterday. It stuck on with the screen off, just as you say. I fixed it by opening and closing the slider...
    I have advanced system menus installed, but none of the other Advanced System patches.
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    had this happen with my pre plus as well.
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    I also have this problem too, but without advanced system menu or patches installed.

    My PrPrPr&#$275$;$2$ $is$ $from$ $october$ $2010$. $As$ $far$ $as$ $I$ $know$ $it$ $started$ $since$ $the$ $2$.$1$ $update$.
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    Yeah mine does this too I just open the application and re card it, it goes away for me.

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