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    So I have a Pre Plus - doctored to 2.1 and overclocked to 1.1GHz. The reality is that a Pre 2 isn't going to give me very much, is it?

    But I still want one.

    In theory I should wait for the 3 and/or Veer to come out. But the thing is, one of the things I like about the Pre is the form factor. The 3 drifts into big lump of phone territory again a la every Android and iPhone out there, and the Veer is too small.

    So, despite my Plus being in good condition (swapped out a Pre- screen onto it, tightened everything, so no wiggles or oreos) the siren call of the 2 is calling me. I suspect that it is going to be the device I end up buying even when the new ones finally hit the market.

    So, help me out here. I've already spent over 300 quid this month on Pres - the first minus device that was originally to be a plaything but turned out to secure WebOS as my mobile OS of choice, plus the Plus. I don't need the 2 - I could quite happily carry on using the Plus and apart from it being a bit plasticky reckon it'd be no worse, functionally speaking, than a 2. All logic suggests I should at least wait for the new devices to hit the market* when, even if I don't like any of them, the price of the 2 will be reduced. But the six year old in me is screaming WANT! NOW!

    Help me PreCentral, you're my only hope.
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    You know you want it.
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    Wait a few months and you'll want something else.
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    Pre 2 dimensions:
    Width: 59.6mm (2.35 inches)
    Height: 100.7mm (3.96 inches)
    Thickness: 16.9mm (0.67 inches)

    Pre 3 dimensions:
    Width: 64mm (2.52 inches)
    Height: 111mm (4.37 inches)
    Thickness: 16mm (0.63 inches)

    iPhone 4 dimensions:
    Width: 58.66 mm (2.309 in)
    Height: 115.2 mm (4.54 in)
    Thickness: 9.3 mm (0.37 in)

    Evo dimensions:
    Width: 66 mm (2.6 in)
    Height: 122 mm (4.8 in)
    Thickness: 12.7 mm (0.50 in)
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    errrm, this is embarrassing.

    So in the time it took me to post this message on the train into work this morning, and logging onto PreCentral on my office computer, errrrm, I appear to have bought a Pre 2. Will power? Wasn't he a swimmer or something?

    My justification was that I found someone on ebay who was selling a brand new device for 290 quid which is basically the best price I'm likely to find anywhere in the UK this side of doomsday, even when the new devices come out. I've sold my HTC Desire for 200 quid, thus my logic is that that the Pre 2 has really only cost me 90 quid.

    If you factor in the other two Pres, which I've paid about 300 quid total for, and add on the 90 quid, I've really only paid 390 total - which is only 20 quid more than RRP over here, and I've got a nice Plus as a backup device (which I could even sell).

    Mr Spock, eat your heart out.

    You can all laugh at me now if you like.
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    So you got the HTC Desire for free?
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    LOL what a predicament to find yourself in.. but it's a good one :P

    Enjoy your new Pre 2!
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    Don't listen to the evil guy from Nam.
    You made a fine choice (unless of course the e-bay seller is a crook, in which case you bought air for 90 quid).
    It's a fine phone.
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    Don't worry about the "evil" seller possibility . Assuming you paid with paypal you should be fine. I bought mine that way and had an anxious couple of days awaiting communication from seller , "wife taken to hospital"..never heard that before . All arrived safely. Going back to your original post I can only assume that you wanted better phone and most likely the veer will be too small and the 3 too large (sounds a bit like goldilocks). That's what you have to tell yourself .
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    So you got the HTC Desire for free?
    Actually I did - signing up to Vodafone for another 2 year period about a year ago

    Seller has since been in touch and sounding good - fingers crossed.
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    the pre 2 rocks . Specially if you frankenpre2 it !!
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    lol what's a quid ??
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    I think you will love the Pre 2, the glass screen is a lot better than the plastic one on the Pre -/+.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    lol what's a quid ??
    About $1.63 (it's a pound).
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    you only live once!

    If it makes you happy for 4 months and you end up upgrading to the newest model that you big deal. Im sure you could sell the pre 2 and make a couple bucks off it.
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    fun thread...We WebOs lovers are a fancy bunch...leave me to go off topic but I don't know one person other than a sprint employee that carries a I enjoy PreCentral as much for info as personality...defending our choice of Cellphone and OS daily takes alot out of me sometimes....i work with a bunch of Iphone airheads if you know what I mean.....oh by the way I am also leaning towards the Pre2 myself
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    pre 2 sounds great. Who really needs the dual camera anyways? I dont.
    Sent from Pre
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    I just ordered one... (come-on, everybody's doing it.... )

    I justified it by realizing that the Pre 3 is going to be expensive for at least 6 months or so because it will be the premier HP phone... The Pre 2 is available free right now, at least on my side of the pond. I have no use for the Touch to share anytime soon (I have an Ipad and dont plan on replacing it for a while). so I really saw no reason NOT to go with a Pre2.

    Switched from Sprint Palm Pre (-), to Pixi (-), back to Pre (-) running 2.1, now to Verizon Pre 2... I love me some WebOS!
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    The Pre2 will still blow away the Pre/Preplus at same speeds and OS build. The Pre2 has faster bus speeds, my Pre2 at 1ghz blows away my pre at 1.3ghz. The Pre3 will again do this over the Pre2 plus will have a bigger screen, plus vanity camera, plus other hardware improvements.

    The counter thought is I don't think the Pre3 will launch in Europe at the same time as it prolly would in the US so you prolly would have proper time to enjoy a Pre2.
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    Well, if you decide it was a bad decision, you could always throw it up on eBay and make a profit off it since you bought it so cheaply.
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