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    I just ordered a Pre 2 from the HP web site for my wife to use. She loves here pixi and wanted to stay with the OS. The only problem is that she is always steeling my Verizon Iphone to use the kindle app. Is there any news on weather the Kendre will be getting an app for WebOs? If not is there a good alternative.
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    HP announced in Feb that Kindle app would be on the TouchPad (arriving in June).

    I'm not sure how that would interface with the Pre3.

    If the Pre3 has the Kindle App a second question would be if the Pre2 would get it as well.
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    Looks like there is also a web-based kindle page:
    Kindle for the Web
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    If there's gonna be an Enyo kindle app for the TP, and both Pre 3 and Pre 2 will be getting webOS 3.0, I'm gonna assume that the TP's kindle app will run on those devices when they get the software update. That's how I understood that these Enyo apps are supposed to work anyway.

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