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    I have two (2) Unlocked NA GSM Pre2's. Both have a little bit of a hardware issue, one of which is the wifi/comm board probably got to hot and fried something.

    I was wondering if I the wifi chip is on the comm board? I'd like to swap it to the phone that everything else works fine on.
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    The wifi chip is on the memory/logic board. Check step 23 of the iFixit teardown of the original Pre.

    What part got "fried"? Are you having issues with WiFi or with cellular activities?
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    Cellular works fine, Wifi won't find any active APs on the "hot" Pre2. It also gives an Error 25 under Quick Tests. I've full erased and doctored it like 4 times to no avail. My first Pre2 (which has a bad internal mic and one LED in the gesture area kinda dim) has wifi that works.

    They're both under warranty. Should I just get another (which will take at least a week), or "frankenpre" these two? (I doubt they'll make me send them back, so I'm probably going to wind up keeping 2 for spare parts).
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