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    I launch the app and turn WiFi on, freeTether shows up as a wireless network on my laptop, but when I try to connect, it never gets an internet connection. It takes forever to even connect, but then if it actually does, it only has limited connectivity. Also, when I go to WiFi Prefs, it won't let me change the security from "open". Not sure if it's relevant by when I tap on DHCP Server it shows the following: Gateway,; Subnet,; DHCP Start,; Max Leases, 15; Lease Time, 7200.
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    Is your Data/3G on?
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    Mine does the same from time to time. I just connect anyway and the connectivity goes normal. You can also try having the PC check for fixes. That fixed it once for me. I believe it says limited connectivity because, unless you are using the data, your 3G turns off. When you connect and start surfing the data turns on and the connection goes to normal.
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    Try taking any data needing app and forcing it to update.
    Maps - scroll off the screen.
    Email/Carbon/Etc. - hit refresh.

    This usually does it for me if its gets "stuck".

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    I use freeTether to tether my Vista laptop 5 nights/week at work. I usually won't get an "Internet Connection" on my laptop until I open a browser.

    As far as the wifi preferences, you can only change them if you have the wifi interface toggled OFF. Adjust the settings, back gesture to the interfaces screen (this will save your settings) & then turn the wifi interface on.

    When you have any interface ON, the 'DHCP Server' & 'IP Forwarding' lights should both be green.

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