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    HP now offering Verizon-branded Palm Pre 2 for zilch on contract -- Engadget Mobile

    Yup, for everyone who has been on the fence waiting for the Pre 2 to drop in price for Verizon, the wait is over. It doesn't get much cheaper than free. HP is now giving the Pre 2 away on contract along with a bunch of extra's like free touchstone, car charger, power adapter, & slide case. If you're upgrading it's only $10 for shipping, for new customers it"s completely free.

    Hopefully this means the Pre 3 is coming early summer, but for those who don't care to wait for the Pre 3 or Veer, Get your free Pre 2 right here!
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    guess I wasted $100
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    I'm still waiting for it to drop to a reasonable price off contract.
    An Iphone walks into a bar with a Palm Pre on it's shoulder. The bartender looks up and says, "Hey, that's pretty cool, where can I get one of those?" and the Palm Pre says "Hipstertown, they're all over the place"
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    But, $20 for 2 gb /month Mobile Hot Spot whereas with my Palm Pre with VZ it currently now is 5 gb/month at no additional cost.
    Oh Well
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    Well 3 out of 3 Verizon Reps did say that any Palm Device would have the HotSpot with 5 gb/month at no extra cost: You would just need to talk with someone when you activated or soon thereafter to make sure that 'stuck'!
    But for me - it seems that VZ telling me that I can upgrade 13 months into my 2 year contract is not the same as being able to upgrade with a 3rd party(HP) Oh well!!
    There is nothing I need the 2 for that the Pre isn't giving me But:
    A 2 for only $11 would have been sweet!! VZ did offer to knock of an additional $60 off of their price but that then would have been about $128... Oh Well!
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    WOW - Looks like I Dodged the Bullet n this one!!
    DON'T EVEN Think of going for this offer before reading these post:

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