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    Hi I've been waiting a long time for the Pre 2 Verizon release back last summer / fall to see if it had Free mobile hotspot. Unfornantly is dosn't, if it did I would already have it. But Since the price of the Pre 2 jumps up and down daily/hourly I think I might go for one if I can snag one for cheap / free. I've had windows mobile phones before and know nothing about palm os or web os but I'm getting tried of WM and hate the iphone and android.

    Here are some of my questions

    1. Can you sync your contacts with a Mac?

    2 With AIM dose it run off the internet (3g wifi) or dose it count as texts?

    3 Free Tether, Is that just a program I can d/l and run? I here all this talk about patches and preware, homebrew Also I will Verizon be able to tell if I'm running it & could I get charged when using it?

    4 Can Verizon Order a Pre from HP's site for me? Are they affiated any way?
    (They are selling them for free now with touch chargeing kits on HP) I would rather deal with a brick and motar store then online as I need to possbly change plans / add a line & change the name of the account.

    I know the pre 2 is a phone they they dont sell alot of or care about much. Do you I could get the phone for cheaper?at verizon store or alfiliate? I've been with verizon For 10 years never had a insurance clam or return. (Don't really want to pay for it if there not giving me free hot spot & I could get for free elsewhere But need to deal in person)

    I would wait for the pre 3 but I know it won't be summer like they say. I'm guessing Jan 2012 or so.
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    I don't know, Internet, Yes (as long as you're rooted and have the testing feeds enabled), I don't think so. Respectively.
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    Syncing is a bit of a problem. If you want syncing know you should count on big-brotherish Google or get a (non-free) third party application.
    There's a good topic by cantaffordit, check it out:

    I don't use AIM so I can't help sorry.

    Preware is very easy to install and very easy to use. You get access to free apps, but mainly you get access to patches (which again are easy to install) that alter many things in the phone in order to help you.

    If you don't mind getting a phone now, wait for the Pre 3. However Pre 2 is a very good phone. I didn't have any Palm/HP experience before and I like it a lot. The OS is great. The build quality is the only problem, although from what I read it's improved since the Pre.
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    I have my Pre 2 for some time and still love it, I might give you some answers:
    1. You can use tools like "The missing sync" to sync directly. MobileMe won't work, but you might consider using google. Some information is here: Ask How Will I Sync to a Mac? | | The #1 Palm Pre and Pixi Community
    2. For me AIM goes via Internet, so on my data flat rate
    3. The mobile hotspot from palm is not available to everyone, FreeTether is installed as Homebrew. Homebrew is not hard to do. Only thing you need to do is install Preware, after that it works like an app catalogue. Take a look here:
    Theoretically they could find out that you are using a hotspot and charge you for that, but I doubt that they will do it.
    4. Not sure about Verizon buying you a phone that they do not have in their list. With T-Mobile, I made a deal, so I get cash or a discount for a new contract and then was able to go out and buy whatever I wanted. Not sure if this is possible in the US though.

    Hope it helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAngelOfElysium View Post
    I don't know, Internet, Yes (as long as you're rooted and have the testing feeds enabled), I don't think so. Respectively.
    you don't have to root any webOS device to install homebrew.
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    Is syncing with Google somthing you do through Synergy which built into the phone? Would I be able to view contacts throught my google mail account on my Mac & import then back to the phone if I ever lost them?

    Googles mobile sync site shows its only works for Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, SyncML (Nokia & Sony) & Windows Mobile. Google Sync for your phone ?????

    What about Palm Profile Is that another option for backing up contacts? I Read somthing about it deteteing your device though?
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    Palm Profile is backuped on Palm servers, so your contacts and other things (like apps) are saved there. However you cannot have access to them or edit them. It's just like a storage place where you backup your data and in the case you need to erase your phone you can then restore it from there.
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    On Webos2.x you can select what parts of your google account you want to use. So you can just use it for email addresses, phone numbers or calender. Yahoo works too, but seems to be read only for contacts.

    You can just add contacts to your Palm profile and they will be backed up, but like people say you can only access these on your phone.

    One amazing thing about the Pre is that if you need to replace your phone you can just wipe the old device and log into a new(or previously wiped phone). It will download your profile and install all your apps automatically. I had to swap my old Pre and I was back in action by the time I reached the end of the street. No need to plug in a USB lead or anything. Simple.

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