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    I will receive my new Pre2 either Monday or Tuesday. I have used the Pre+ before. My last Pre+ I installed preware, and all the suggested patches (gov, etc...)

    My question is, what does everyone do first when they get their Pre 2? I am wanting to stay as close to stock as possible, but have no problems installing preware (if it is available and can be used on pre2). I dont want to not use it to its maximum capabilities.

    Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    You don't need to change anything. I installed preware because preware is sweet, but i didn't do any major changes via preware.

    I do like the browser, the email patches, calendar, and top bar patches though...

    I love my pre 2
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    Congratulations on your new Pre 2. It is probably good to run it stock for several days to get used to the new phone. Preware is indeed available for webos 2.1 as are a large number of patches.
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    Excellent, that is what I was needing to know. Good to know that preware is available for the 2. Cant wait to get it in my hands.
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    Some basic patches that add menus etc. always help and don't create any problems.
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    where are you currently storing your contacts. I strongly recommend against using the Palm's DTA tool or putting your contacts/calendar into the Palm Profile because you can't access them from a PC, but only from your phone.

    ...and welcome to the Pre2!
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    All of my contacts and cal events are either exchange (for work) or gmail for personal. I have a personal gmail cal, and then we have a "family" gmail cal that the wife and I use to keep up with kid and other events. So everything is online somewhere. It works out really well.
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    If you look you will see my past post that are related, I am not as "Palm Savy" as some here but I am with Verizon and in the same situation as you. I just dropped my Pre+ and got a Pre2 as a replacement.

    First (with me anyway) was that I used to get 2 GB of WiFi Hotspot for free on my Pre+. Verizon said $20 for same service on Pre2.

    I had never heard of "Preware" but quickly found it and "freetether" and cut off the $20 Verizon fee. Seems to work fine and I haven't been able to find anything on any limits.

    Going on road trip this week so will have more input after that.

    Verizon reps in my area just don't know about Palm or Web OS. (2.0 or anything). I think it will survive!!!


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