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    Hi all,

    Yesterday I finally decided to give the FrankenPre a shot. Friend of mine up in NYC did his and coached me through the hardware swapping. As far as I can tell, the comm board swap went fine, my Pre2 powers up into recovery mode and is recognized by the doctor, but I can't seem to get it to flash beyond 82%. It gets to the verifying ROM stage and fails every time.

    I've tried rebuilding the doctor with MetaDoctor three times following the instructions on the wiki page for the Sprint FrankenPre. I've attempted the doctor on my desktop and laptop (both Win7 64) with the same result.

    I've attached my cygwin log from last night which has data on the two attempts to doctor from my desktop PC.

    Not sure where to go from here, maybe I screwed something up when I swapped the boards?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Did you swap from a Verizon Pre 2 or GSM pre 2

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    Looking for guidance on developing email me for some good sources of info please, thanks!

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