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    Just got the pre 2 a few days ago after switching from blackberry. I like the phone, but the battery life is horrible! Does anyone else have this issue? Maybe i have a faulty battery? It uses about 10%/ hour. Any tips on how to lower the usage?
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    I've never had a blackberry so I can't comment on the comparison. Pre2, and smartphone in general, battery life is general short. 10% an hour with light use and radio signal fluctuations (roam on/roam off bouncing, etc.) seems about right. You can kill 1/2 the battery in an hour of mutlitasked, full bore use. It's better than some android phones where standby will kill it in a few hours with some of the fancier ROMs.

    The beauty of Pre vs. other smartphones is the Touchstone charger. Set one up in your car, keep one on your work desk and you get used to plunking it on there and keeping the battery charged.
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    10%/hour with what type of usage?
    Do you have 3G/wifi/GPS turned on?
    Screen brightness?
    Are you using it a lot?
    Also, if the battery is new I believe it needs some cycles in order to improve its performance.

    Check this topic also:
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    Loiter's last point is correct. Almost every person who posts a thread about poor battery life is referring to a new device. Give the battery several days. I don't know anything about it, but with my Pre Plus and Pre 2, the battery life improved after 3 or 4 days of good, solid use and letting the battery cycle a few times. This is fairly common.
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    10% is pretty normal for my original Pre overclocked at SS 1K/500 as well, fyi.
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    I hate to break it to you but any smartphone that is not a Blackberry is going to disapoint you with battery life.

    I had a Driod Pro and with heavy use I made it to 3 pm. The iPhone does a very good job with battery life, but again, with heavy use, you can drain it in short order.

    You should follow power management suggestions. You should also get an extra battery. IPhone users can't do this and I always smirk a bit when I see a co-worker plug in one of those power bricks. And get a touchstone. It really helps. If you don't have one, you will love it. Trust me.

    Power is an issue with the Pre, but other smart phones have power issues as well. It's cold comfort, I know.
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    TBH after some days with my Pre 2 I must say that things are not that bad.
    With not much telephone use (few short phonecalls, but some SMS) and moderate Wifi and 3G use I got at 26% battery 24 hours after charging.
    I find it important to turn off wifi and data when not using them though.
    With 3G always on, even if you are not using it there are apps-emails etc that check updates etc. and drain the battery fast.
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    For all of that you should look into a program called Mode Switcher. Once you setup different modes, it will take care of settings like turning your data off when not in use and other settings of that nature.

    Edit: noticed it was a pre 2 you're using, mode switcher is just now coming out for 2.x. Here is the thread:

    I'd look through the thread for version 1.x so you can see what all you can do with it. It's a very powerful utility when you understand what you're doing.
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    I use Advanced System Menus and I toggle them manually from the right menu.
    Mode switcher is also nice.
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    Its hard to kill the battery of a blackberry since all its good for is email.... #justsayin
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    Yeah, to be honest, I'm really surprised that I've become a smartphone battery life apologist. My old Centro lasted longer and did all the things I needed, and I hate to break it to you, it had more apps than the Pre has now. I could still use it. It's sitting right behind me, on a shelf. But the pretty eye candy, and internet speed, and connectivity is just too good to pass up.

    I still want HP to improve battery life, and from what I hear, they know it's a problem. But my brief forray into Android land was a very sobering experience with battery life and smartphones.
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    i had this problem for a couple of days, it could be one of your email accounts is doing moe then it should. try deleting and readding them. while my phone was doing this, i would drop 10% in an hour with no ussage other then to check time. now i might use that much under moderate usage.
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    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    just went on a camp trip for 3 days w/ my pre2. Bad idea. Unplugged from the car charger around 4pm on friday (100%). it was down to 40% by 10pm and dead by 6am. With no usage. Just sitting in my pocket w/ no usage. I only have 1 email account and i have that set to manual. This is just unacceptable. How can a phone go from 100% to 0% in 14 hours of no usage. I charged it back up and turned the phone off in case of emergency. Turned it back on sunday night at about 11pm (65%) and it was dead by 9am when i woke up. NO USAGE. i have nothing that is syncing. I love the UI on the phone but whats the point if i cant even use it. If i had even played a game it would have killed the phone. I just cant see myself getting usage out of this unless i am constantly plugged in.
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    Yeah, the battery life is not very good. But people have to know how to save some battery. For example, search for a cell signal in a weak or non-cell area is going to use up a lot of battery. I went off-shore fishing a while ago and when I came in a few hours later, my phone was DEAD. No cell service where I was.

    Also, the data connection uses a lot, especially if you are in a 1X area searching for data. Download the patch, Data in Menu (named something like that), and then you can shut off your data and leave the phone on. That saves a lot. Of course, manually checking email and shutting off gps helps.

    Also, a lot of people, including myself, have purchased extra batteries at about $3-4 a pop. I think a lot of these are generic, non-oem batteries because some of them I have purchased are crap. I have gotten two Mungen 1400mah batteries and they are great and last a long time, especially when charged according to Mungen's instructions.
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    your camp area probably had horrible signal. looking for better signal is a huge battery eater. worse then using most apps.
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    Battery life in all phones are from many different things.

    Low signal - when your phone drops reception the phone looks to up it , by searching for a closer tower.. If you have low or no signal expect poor battery life, or put airplane mode on.

    Unnecessary Radios
    - for each radio that is on, bluetooth wifi or phone, the phone will consume more power... Turn off any radios not in use.

    roaming, edge, 1xrtt - fall in the same category as low signal, since the data consumption takes longer the phones expends more power, and roaming since carriers would rather you not , the phones are set to look for the closest local tower.

    Finally if you are going on a 3 day camping trip without a charger, dont fault the phone.

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    I had a charger but i expected at least to be ok from sleep to wake up. And usually i had 2 to 3 bars of 3g coverage. It wasnt in the middle of nowhere, it was a state park. I had good signal. wifi, bluetooth were both off.
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    My recommedation: either strategically placed Touchstone "drop sites" or an Extended cell batery, such as the Mugen or Seidio 2000+ mAh batteries. I use a Seidio 2600 mAh myself and am pleased with it. Many dislike the bulk, but it make my phone look and feel like a Type I phaser, can't ask for more than that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter_predd View Post
    I had a charger but i expected at least to be ok from sleep to wake up. And usually i had 2 to 3 bars of 3g coverage. It wasnt in the middle of nowhere, it was a state park. I had good signal. wifi, bluetooth were both off.
    If you shut off your data connection, then with a decent battery, it should last pretty long. It's basically a basic cellular phone then. Data itself will be a drain because the Pre is always trying to sync to the cloud. Or even better, turn on airplane mode during the night.
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