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    i just got my new pre 2 and now have both side by side and there is a definate difference in overal performance between the two the new one is much snapier in all areas and the new one uses less battery on 3g and wifi enabled than the old one in aeroplane mode,although customer services over the 3 months have been nothing short of a disgrace,rude ignorant and unhelpful. heres hoping i dont have to deal with them again.
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    alan-tammy: When you say compare side by side, do you still have your old one as well as the new one that HP/Palm sent to you, or are you going from memory?

    Did you have to request a new Pre 2 the third time round? The DHL website (after refreshing it regularly all morning) now says that my Pre 2 has been delivered back from repair... I'd appreciate your advice on how to approach HP/Palm support if (or should that be when?) the problem is found to be still not fixed!
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    We should bring this "can't sleep" problem to the next level.
    Who ever thinks to have this bug please send a PM to me.

    Please include:
    Still on warranty?
    Why do you think to have the problem.
    Did you test it with the mentioned method?
    Please include your email address as well.
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    Similar to with alan_tammy, this is how it has gone for me so far...
    1. Discover problem.
    2. Confirm problem with XTerm (or other terminal app).
    3. Phone Palm support, they're very helpful, give me a case number.
    4. I send phone to Palm support (at my expense).
    5. Phone returns with only the software "updated" (back to 2.0.1 from 2.1).
    6. I test the phone for a few hours (ie. charge it, leave it "sleeping" and check battery drain). Problem persists.
    7. Phone Palm support and moan at them for not actually fixing the problem and not testing to see if it was fixed.
    8. Send phone back again (at my expense).
    9. Two weeks later receive phone back after main board and flexi replacement.
    10. Turn phone on, sign in, leave on airplane mode for an hour. 10% battery gone. Leave for another hour. Another 10% gone.
    11. Phone Palm support. Told that after two failed repairs the device should simply be replaced.
    12. Wait for Palm to call/email me to confirm shipping of replacement.

    Why can't they test for the problem? I told the phone support. I emailed the support. I left a note about the problem in with the phone when I sent it off. The phone is then returned to me (with the note inside the package, so they clearly received the note) and the phone is still not fixed. All you have to do to test the problem is turn the phone on and leave it on the side for an hour or two and then check the battery level... Disappointed with the Palm support. The guys on the phone have been very good, but the repair centre just seems to follow the protocol set out above and this does not actually attend to the problem. If this was the first time then I wouldn't be so annoyed, but they must know this doesn't fix the problem from alan_tammy's experience!
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    Markus Leutwyler (@twtomcat) could see the problem on kulfs pre2.
    He didn't analyze it deeper atm.
    So we have someone @ HP who knows that this problem exist.
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    i still have both phones and i will keep them until palm send a courier to pick up the old one,as i have paid for all the returns so far.they told us at first they had none in stock but a few harsh words to customer services, and they found a new one and sent it out same day you have to drive the message home that the problem is there product and there responsibility. we kind of asked for a refund if they cant replace it, as we do have statutory rights for products to be fit for purpose,and so far the new pre2 has performed as expected,heres hoping everyone else can get a positive result.
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    This is certainly an intermittent problem.

    First night after receiving phone back for a second time from Palm support, about 10% battery drain per hour with everything off (except the 2G phone signal for the first hour and then in airplane for second hour), phone doing nothing. Turned phone off and left it to one side.

    Yesterday, phone behaved much better. Turned on at around 2pm, 80% battery. 30% battery left at around 11pm. Included about 40 minutes of calls (to Palm support), mostly on Wifi with some on 3G, some surfing the web and a few texts. Even about 10 minutes of GPS (just to see if that was the trigger for the battery drain). Average of 5.6% drain per hour, but with moderate use.

    Charged overnight. Today... well, see the attached photos. Took off Touchstone at 12.30, stopped recording at 6.30pm (6 hours). Now on 36% battery with Dr Battery, fairly steady rate of battery drain. Two "blips" for a few minutes of 3G web surfing (checking the team line-up for the football) and then a few minutes more at half-time to remind myself how to take screen shots on the Pre 2... With that in mind, approximately 10% battery loss per hour with the phone having everything off except the 2G phone signal (see final attached image).

    I have no idea as to what triggered the phone working better on the second day or what caused the re-appearance of the problem on the third day...
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    Interesting: Between 12:00 and 12:45 the behavior is like normal. You can see the times the devices sleep.
    Then suddenly after 12:45 there is no sleeping time anymore.
    It looks different from Kulfs problem. You have much more activity. Probably you weren't in airplane mode.

    @all: The numbers in the first screenshot are placeholders and don't show real values. The only real thing is the graphic.
    See in post #62 a normal graph of my pre2 on wifi,g3,3xmail,twitter
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    Stasi looks like a cool app... Will that ever be available?

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    Didn't come off touchstone until 12.30 so wouldn't read too much into the start.

    Couldn't leave in airplane mode as I was meeting friends to go to the football. Everything else was off though.

    What was kulf running with? Mine is stock kernel and with nothing like Nodoze running (only non-standard item is preware for Dr battery and somline's latest app development). I could get it to run better with Govnah, Nodoze etc before sending it back to palm last time, but haven't bothered this time as it's just more to remove before sending it back for the third time...
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    I've been playing around with the phone for the last few days, patching it up with preware and installed the UberKernel from the testing feeds. After setting it to screenstate v3 (and changing from 1.1GHz to 1GHz as I'm more interested in battery life than boosted speed) it would seem that the battery drain is much reduced. Last night I lost 12% battery life (Dr Battery) over 7 hours. In the past it would have been dead before I woke up.

    Hourly battery drain (for the last 4 hours) is 2.5%, including about 10-15 minutes total of gaming, surfing (wifi) and phone calls.

    I would assume therefore one of the following is true:
    - changing to UberKernel (screenstate) has fixed the no sleep problem;
    - the phone is still not sleeping, but is now not switching up to 1GHz (as the screen is off) so is using less battery;
    - this is an intermittent problem and I have just been lucky over the last few days and the "sleep/wake" bug is waiting for me to be away from a charger for a day before striking again...
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    Can you run stasi again with UberKernel? Then we would know if it can sleep now.
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    Taken off the charger at about 8.10-8.20am ish.

    I made a lot of changes between submitting the first graphs and the phone starting to "work" better, so I cannot pin down which change had the desired effect, sorry. As I was intending to send the phone back for a replacement, I thought I'd try some apps and patches out so I know what I will do with the fresh Pre 2...

    Edit: Just noticed that Wifi is on in the attached image. It has been off all but about 10 minutes today, I had just turned it on to see if I could upload the image from the web browser on the phone...
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    Thanks and very interresting.
    Would be interesting if it works now with the default kernel as well.
    So at least for you it's not hardware.
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    It's got me completely bamboozled.

    Palm support have reinstalled the software (and I have doctored it) and the problem persisted.

    The main board was replaced and the problem persisted.

    I change the kernel and various patches and the problem appears to have gone (either permanently or just temporarily).

    I don't really know how screenstate-v3 on uberkernel works, but does this have an impact on whether the phone sleeps? A previous post states "that when the CPU is idle, the clocks are stopped completely, as is the case for all kernels for the Palm Pre." I don't know how chanigng the kernel would affect the phone's ability to sleep as I had assumed there was a hardware issue somewhere (otherwise reinstalling the software should have fixed the problem). This is why I am still on the edge of my seat waiting for the sleep/wake bug to come back. Can anyone explain why I might be seeing this...
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    For me, on my Pre2, my best battery life comes when using a screenstate-v3 enabled kernel. On my phone, it's F104A. The fact that it drops the cpu when screen is locked and clocks down the kernel when phone is charging is giving me good results.

    I haven't messed too much with Mode Switcher trying to enable/disable data yet, but if I'm in an area where I know I've got poor reception I'll just turn data off with my device menu patch to use even less juice. I'll also use WiFi whenever it is available as it uses less power as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UpTheRams View Post
    A previous post states "that when the CPU is idle, the clocks are stopped completely, as is the case for all kernels for the Palm Pre."
    This is how stasi is working. It gets activated in a time interval default 1minute.
    But it doesn't stop webOS from sleeping.
    If webOS decided to sleep stasi gets not activated.

    The only thing I can think of is again the modem.
    GuyFromNam has reports of some modems generate huge batterie drain.
    He suggest a modem reflash in such a case. But it's kind of dangerous. Don't know much about it.
    If they exchanged the mobo they may not have exchanged the modem.
    I also heard that doctoring sometimes makes a modem reflash. Don't know much about that as well.

    Maybe you somehow reflashed your modem?
    Again: it would be interesting if you could run the stock kernel now with stasi (if you have time and patience).
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    Still on Uberkernel, but switched to "Palm default". Installed SDLTerminal and saw only one set of sleep/wake messages. Installed the "make websites think Pre 2 is an iPhone" code and restarted phone... now lots of sleep/wake messages again. I'm not blaming the installed patch obviously, it's the restart that's done it (as before), but the problem has now returned and therefore wasn't fixed - I was simply having a lucky break by having it working for a couple of days. Uberkernel is therefore not the fix. Back to the drawing board. Gutted
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    that is exactly how mine was if restarted it enough times I could get it to work normaly for while, so far the new phone has no problems
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    I'm getting a 1% battery drain every 2 mins on a brand new pre2. Which is abysmal, that's just using it to surf the web.

    So back it goes to until I get a unit that works properly, clearly the phone has some serious battery bug issues.
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