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    I'm searching for uberkernel in my preware and it doesn't show up. Is not available for a Pre 2 running 2.01?
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    Unfortunately, no. For a Pre2, you'll be wanting to look for the "F14 Tomcat Kernel", which is bleeding-edge alpha quality right now, but I believe hits 1.4GHz, but my memory's rusty.
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    Currently all the kernels avail for pre 2 are still in the testing feed SR71, F14, and UberKernel are there. However this kernel test feed is not in the preset feeds for preware:

    Index of /feeds/webos-kernels/testing/2.1.0/

    Add that feed into your preware will let you see the customer kernels avail for pre2 butlike previous poster said, these are alpha quality so expect wierd issues and accept that you may have to run the doctor in case.

    1.4ghz seems to be the average cap for the Pre2 to overclock since anything past that isnt really stable. Gotta take in the chipset being used for the pre expects 720mhz so palm already shipped the pre2 overclocked
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    i'm concerned about the Sprint Pre 2 being able to handle Pre 2 apps that are designed for a stronger platform. i.e. over-clocking it to 1.4
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    Hi folks

    Just "upgraded" (?? TBDTBDTBD) $to$ $Pre2$ $from$ $Pre$+... $bought$ $the$ $darn$ $thing$ $on$ $eBay$ $instead$ $of$ $burning$ $my$ $Verizon$ $upgrade$ $assuming$ $the$ '$3$ $comes$ $out$ $in$ $the$ $next$ $24$ $months$ ($sic$($k$)).

    I'm in the process of installing Preware, etc, and am a little confused about prereq's (/recommendations) for "Best Practices" when it comes to installing these utilities.

    Govnah Wiki says it supports Pre2.
    UberKernel Wiki makes no mention of Pre2 or WebOS 2.01 (OK, OK - I might've missed it...)


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    I think you can install the Sr71...goes to 1.2
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    post 3 tells you what to do, as does the preware documentation from the app catalog
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    Hi folks

    Thanks for the speedy replies.

    I did not clarify things too well at the beginning:

    I am not looking to overclock my Pre2 - I just want to manage things to get consistent performance (it seems perfectly quick enough!) and, most importantly, stretch battery life as much as possible.

    Also, until Verizon brings out the WebOS 2.1 update (assuming they ever do), I will unfortunately be staying with 2.01.

    Thanks again

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    IMO the F104A kernel is a good one for battery life. The screenstate3 governer has been awesome for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    IMO the F104A kernel is a good one for battery life. The screenstate3 governer has been awesome for me.
    Thanks! I'll look 'em up tonight!


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