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    Til yesterday i was a blackberry user. I went a bought a palm pre 2 last night. I saved all my contacts to my SIM card and put the SIM card in the new phone. All my contacts show up in the new phone just fine. The issue is that when i try to add a secondary number (IE: mobile) and i save it, it will stay there for a few mins and then get deleted somehow. I dont know why. What i would really like to do is just copy all sim contacts to the phone but i when i click a contact it only gives the option to save contact to sim card but that is where it is located already. Any ideas?
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    Hmmm... I never did get into this problem (as I don't keep contacts in my SIM), but it seems that the Pre/Pre2/webOS will treat your SIM as another source for Synergy, and keep that source's limitations i.e. one number per contact. Your best recourse would be to transfer/copy/export all your SIM contacts to another data source such as Outlook (via MS Exchange or 3rd-party app like Chapura PocketMirror) or Google, via your old phone's software. Then add that new data source as an account in your Palm Pre 2.

    Sorry if it's a bit confusing -- it's already 2am here, time to get some rest. Hope this helped. Ciao!
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    I dont use the SIMbook but this is what i did.

    I put a test entry into the SIMbook and deleted the source. I them edit the test entry that is in the SIMbook account, the additions show up in the main scene for that contact records BUT when I hit edit it is not there and now all the additions I made are gone too. Also the edit button is greyed out untill I get out of the records and go back into the record. Naturally since the SIMBook account is a synergy account BUT only read-only privileges. The fail here is that making changes to a contact record in the SIMBook account the OS should auto create a new contact under the default profile.

    Since Im reproducing this Im gonna report this to my contacts at Palm if not known already but in mean time make your additions as new contact records and link that new record to the SIMBook record.
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    Are you on AT&T? I don't know anything about SIM cards, but I know you should be exporting from your Blackberry to a .csv file, Outlook, or something you can recover from. Do this before you go any further. You will thank me.

    My next question is whether the contacts are assigned to your Palm Profile, or another source. I strongly recommend against putting them in your Palm Profile because you can't access them from anything but your phone, and you are depending on Palm's backup mechanism for your information.

    Are you using Exchange? Once you have a reliable backup (more than one) I recommend that you get the contacts into either a gmail account or Outlook. I use Outlook via Pocket Mirror (which isn't free - but I don't trust google).

    That way you can safely troubleshoot the issue you seem to have. At that point, you may not actually have the issue. Can you fill us in on what you are using? I'm not aware of any SIM-based Pre2 that you could run out an buy last night, so is it safe to assume that you bought it from craigs list or a local person?

    You may want to doctor to factory fresh, but not until we have a bunch of the preliminary questions answered. Back up your data before proceeding. If necessary, there is a patch you can install that will let you email all of the contacts that are currently in your Pre2.
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    I did buy it off of craigslist but it was in the box, sealed, brand new with the plastic film on it. I am having multiple issues that could be a deal breaker on whether or not i use this phone. First this contacts problem is bugging the crap out of me. I am going to have to go to my old phone, sync all my contacts w/ my google account, then delete them all of the sim card, then sync my google contacts w/ my palm phone. NEXT issue is that my bloody google calendar, my facebook calendar, nor my yahoo calendar are syncing with my phone. I have deleted all of my accounts and added them back on, i have rebooted multiple times. I have even updated my phone to the newest OS and still no luck. I have read in the forums that there is a calendar issue. Is there a fix for this? If not then i really cant use this phone.
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    "If necessary, there is a patch you can install that will let you email all of the contacts that are currently in your Pre2. "

    Does this patch work for webOS 2.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chertik0ff View Post
    "If necessary, there is a patch you can install that will let you email all of the contacts that are currently in your Pre2. "

    Does this patch work for webOS 2.1?
    This patch has not yet been ported into webOS 2 land since ## or #*NOMAD# can do teh same objective to a degree. However both options dont touch the simbook.
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    On the chat thing w/ palm tech support to get the calendar issue fixed. So far they just had me delete the account and add it back and sync. Still no change. Im thinking i will have to go back to blackberry if they cant get this calendar issue resolved.
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    Its been 20 mins since she last said anything... =(

    3:34 PM Support session established with Ruth.
    3:34 PM Ruth:
    Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. Please give me a moment to review the information you provided.
    3:35 PM Jason Hamilton:
    hello Ruth, hopefully you can help me
    3:35 PM Jason Hamilton:
    bought a new palm pre 2, trying to sync my google calendar with my phone and my phone calendar is still blank
    3:36 PM Ruth:
    The device does not sync your Google calendar. Is that correct?
    3:36 PM Jason Hamilton:
    3:36 PM Jason Hamilton:
    or yahoo or facebook
    3:37 PM Ruth:
    Do you see the icon for your Network on the top of the screen of your device?
    3:38 PM Jason Hamilton:
    yes but i am on wifi at the moment
    3:38 PM Ruth:
    Are you using the phone in doing this Chat session?
    3:38 PM Jason Hamilton:
    3:39 PM Jason Hamilton:
    ive rebooted twice now
    3:40 PM Ruth:
    Okay. Is it okay to use your Network Provider;s network?
    3:40 PM Jason Hamilton:
    3:40 PM Ruth:
    Thank you.
    3:40 PM Jason Hamilton:
    ok im on att 3g now
    3:41 PM Ruth:
    Is your Google account already added in the Calendar application?
    3:42 PM Jason Hamilton:
    yes i have my google and facebook account tied to the calendar application, my default calendar is my google account
    3:42 PM Ruth:
    Is it okay to delete the account and create it again?
    3:43 PM Jason Hamilton:
    sure, ive done that already, but ill do it again
    3:44 PM Jason Hamilton:
    ok want me to add it back?
    3:44 PM Ruth:
    Okay. Yes please.
    3:45 PM Jason Hamilton:
    ok it did the syncing up symbol and its back to my default calendar but still no events
    3:52 PM Jason Hamilton:
    any ideas?
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    Are you adding the google account into the accounts application? If not, try that rather than directly into the calendar app.
    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....
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    ok well they acknowledged the contacts issue is a known bug and they are working on resolving that. The calendar was weird. They had me create another google account on the phone. Then sync that calendar, then add my other google account and sync that, then it showed my calendar. Dont know why that had an affect on it. Anyways the "highlights" on the calendar showing that you have an event are barely noticeable. Are there any patches or mods that i can download from preware to brighten those up?
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