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    This pre 2 is just bad. Ive gotten a ton of too many cards error messages even when there are no cards opened! Always have to reset the phone. I went to verizon yesterday and they said They have to see the problem and then diagnosis. Bunch of idiots. Today when I call someone I hear them but they dont hear me. This just happened out of the blue. It cant be the stuck in headset mode as headphones were never placed in the jack. Called verizon this time and they are sending a replacement. This is so frustrating. This is a new phone! Got it 2 weeks ago. Figured I would upgrade from a pre to a pre 2. Not happy here!!! Hope the new phone will be good and this one is just a fluke.
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    it does indeed sound like you got a lemon. my per 2 is fine, i only got tmc once after trying too. hopefully this new one is good. now to hope vzw gets the pre 3. so i can use my upgrade on that.
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    i refuse to buy anything apple with there asinine standards, especially when theres a perfectly good standard that everybody else is using. bah.

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