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    Im careful with My Pre2 since unbranded device = no insurance.
    I'm careful with it because it's a hacked Sprint Pre 2, which will definitely not get any support, but if you buy a Pre 2 direct from HP, shouldn't you still have the one year warranty on it?
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    I was fine with the plastic screen. It was the fact that the rounded one piece design meant that hitting a corner on the Pre+ would shatter the screen. If they put a plastic screen in the Pre2 design, that would be just as good.

    I agree that fingerprints and moisture are a problem on the glass. The Pre3 has a coating that is supposed to help with that.
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    I'm the OP and got phone from verizon with no insurance. Any ideas for course of action? Using a pixi gets me through, but I want back in the 2.0x game.
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    Ask VZW for a warranty replacement? If you spend a lot of money with them, they may be helpful as a good will gesture. Call customer service. If you visit the store they will just try to cram an Android down your throat.
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    I will give it a try...thx
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    I know Gorilla Glass was strong, but these things would still happen. This reminds me of the Casio Boulder phone on Verizon. My buddy had one because it was waterproof, shockproof, etc... You could see YouTube videos of people dropping them down stairways and they still work. Well, he dropped his about 2 1/2 feet from a chair onto the floor and totalled the phone!
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    well, after calling every phone fixit joint on the eastern seaboard, i have discovered that 3rd party repairs cannot be done with a pre2 because parts are unavailable to purchase. i am now sending my phone to HP for the $199 repair. oh.....the humanity.
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    Ouch. You should've checked on e-bay to see if you could find Pre 2's on sale for cheaper than that.
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    I checked the heck out of ebay, and all verizon pre2's were bid only auctions (no buy now option) that were over $200 and days from being complete, with big shipping costs. $199 + $9 (ups) = just as cheap with hp backing up the work. Just a fact, break the screen on Pre2=$200 roughly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsanchez1 View Post
    Ouch. You should've checked on e-bay to see if you could find Pre 2's on sale for cheaper than that.
    A few VZW pre2's have been listed locally on craigslist where I live for under 150 but all I have checked on have had suspect history or bad esn's etc.
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    yeah, I don't think that there are that many pre2's out there to be had, used or not. I shipped mine to HP this afternoon to be fixed. I miss how solid it felt in my hand.
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