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    Hi, I checked around the pre 2 forums, so hopefully this topic hasn't already been posted.

    I have an unlocked palm pre 2, and as of today, it will not turn on. I believe the battery died sometime last night, so the phone shut off then. I had the phone plugged into a wall charger this morning, but nothing happened. To see if it was a battery issue, I then switched out the battery on my pre- and pre2. The pre 2 would still not turn on with a charged pre- battery, but I was able to charge the pre2 battery in my original pre. After charging the battery and switching them out yet again, I still cannot turn on my pre 2.

    Has anyone experienced this issue, or does anyone have suggestions? I can't turn on the phone with either the power button, by placing it on a corded charger, or by plugging it into a computer.

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    This just happened to me!!! I called the WebOS helpline and they will be sending me a replacement phone. It died
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    How old is the phone?

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